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TDC-SW80 Series Exhibition Booth Floor Sockets Box


1.The box load-bearing frame adopts cold bay rectangular welded steel tube, weak current and weak current board.Choose 10mm thick high quality pattern steel plate, surface spray high strength wear resistant paint, can withstand the pressure of wheel and other machinery;

2.The strong and weak current is separated by a metal partition, and is arranged on both sides of the frame, which is good for electromagnetic interference; 

3.The enclosure is ultra-thin and the height is not greater than 200mm; 

4.Line through the adjacent outlet connecting device, the outlet connecting device can be retractable and close freely,it keeps same level when not connecting lines and the outlet connecting device doesn't pop out from the ground when connecting. 

5.The power control box is equipped with lifting handle and special lock, to avoid a faulty operation by unwanted persons; 

6.The power control box is equipped with mechanical self-locking support device, also equipped with special cover plate positioning pin,to ensure the safety of operation and maintenance; 

7.Outlet socket all use world famous brand IP67 high protection level industrial connector socket, and are installed  on both side of the enclosure. 

8.The indicator,MCB,ELCB, surge protective devices in the box all use world famous brand, are installed in a separate box, to effectively prevent dust, water etc entering,  improved dust and water resistance of the box. 

Technical parameters: 

Rated operation voltage:  AC220/380V
Rated insulation voltage:  AC380V
Rated frequency:  50Hz
Rated current & short-time withstand current: main circuit 80A & 4.5KA
Protection grade: IP54
Load capacity of cover panel: 50KN
Output circuit: 6 circuits
Rated current of output circuit: 380V/50A for 2 circuits, 380V/25A for 2 circuits, 220V/16A/ for 2 circuits
Outlets of weak current: 4 Voice outlets, 4 RJ45 
The resistance between the terminal and the corresponding exposed conductive parts of the conductor: < 0.1Ω
Outline size: 700(L)x450(W)x200(H)

Installation instruction:

1.Bar connector
2.50x5 galvanized flat steel
3.5mm  shockproof rubber pad
4.63x40x6 galvanized angle iron
5. waterproof junction box for weak current
6. Weak current cable glands
7.10mm stainless steel cover
8.63A/380V/IP67 industrial connector socket
9.16A/220V/IP67 industrial connector socket
10.32A/380V/IP67 industrial connector socket
11.Supporting frame
12.Power cable gland(PG36/IP67)
13.Lifting handle
14.Triangulation chain
15.Concealed hinge

Installation cautions:

1.The electric well frame should be made and constructed strictly according to the drawing; 

2.The installed well frame should be symmetrical with the center of the electric well,the horizontal error must not be greater than 2mm;

3.The shockproof rubber pad on the border of the ditch should be straightened and then pasted firmly, to make the booth box shock and make a noise; 

4.The vertical degree of the two sides should be ensured when pouring concrete, to make the enclosure be fitted rightly. 

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