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TDC-SW200 Series Exhibition Booth Floor Sockets Box


1.The box load-bearing frame adopts cold bay rectangular welded steel tube, the panel plate use 100mm thickness 304# stainless steel and surface brushed treatment., it can withstand the pressure of wheel and other machinery;

2.The strong and weak current is separated by a metal partition, and is arranged on both sides of the frame, which is good for electromagnetic interference; 

3.Weak electric box can be dismounted separately, the weak electricity overhaul is not affected; 

4.The line adopts 125A power industrial connector socket,  to guarantee the electricity for showing of the high power exhibits; 

5.The power control box cover and outlet cover is seperately equipped with different special locks, to avoid a faulty operation by unwanted persons; 

6.The power control box cover and outlet cover is equipped with self-locking poles,it is convenient and safe to open and close the cover plate; 

7.Outlet socket all use world famous brand IP67 high protection level industrial connector socket, and are installed  on both side of the enclosure and the direction is upward, to makes the pull out or plug in easier. 

8.The MCB,ELCB, surge protective devices in the box all use world famous brand, are installed in a separate box, to effectively prevent dust, water etc entering, and to ensure the protection grade reaches IP66 above. 

Technical parameters: 

Rated operation voltage:  AC220/380V
Rated insulation voltage:  AC380V
Rated frequency:  50Hz
Rated current & short-time withstand current: main circuit 200A & 4.5KA
Protection grade: IP66
Load capacity of cover panel: 50KN
Output circuit: 6 circuits
Rated current of output circuit: 380V/125A for 1 circuit, 380V/63A for 1 circuit, 380V/32A for 1 circuit, 220V/32A/ for 1 circuit,220V/16A/ for 2 circuits
Outlets of weak current: 2 xVoice outlets, 2x data outlets, 1xfiber,1xCATV, 1x spare
Outline size: 936(L)x655(W)x400(H)

Installation instruction:
1.Bar connector 
2.75x50x6 galvanized angle iron
3.100x63x6 galvanized angle iron
4.125A/IP67 industrial connector socket
5.10mm riffled steel plate
6.Power control box
7. Metal flexible tube
8. Weak current cable glands
9. 86 type junction box for weak current
10.Power cable gland(PG48/IP67)
11.10mm stainless steel cover
12. 3.5mm  shockproof rubber pad

Installation cautions:
1.The electric well frame should be made and constructed strictly according to the drawing;
2.The installed well frame should be symmetrical with the center of the electric well,the horizontal error must not be greater than 2mm;

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