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HGD-3818 Series Multimedia Information Box

Multimedia information box is a new smart box integrated of intelligent line system .It adopts the type of flush mounting, modular structure, and with a panel of engineering plastics, so makes the products more environmentally friendly and practical. It is widely used in connection and allocation of line for home broadband,office broadband,hotel . Broadband , telephone , computer, television, audio,monitor,switch,power etc.


1.Telephone control 

8 outlets (1input+7output) of Telephone modules are provided, to control the voice connection through switches.


Modules for broadband router are provided, to establish a home area network with 4 order chromatography computers,to make networking and  sharing resource such as printer etc.

3.Power Supply 

The power is supplied with dual voltage stabilization DC9V.


6 outlets (1input+5output) of Vedio outlets are provided.


2 outlets (1input+1output) of monitoring are provided, to be used for  system of monitoring and virsual.

6.Weak current signal 

8 groups of weak current signal connectors are provided for the connecting of reading system of water,electricity or the equipments of home security etc.  

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