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HGD-2FH Series Pop-up Type Floor Socket Box

Panel Material Brass alloy / Al. alloy /  Zinc alloy
Surface color Golden / Silver
Open type Slow Pop-up type / Fast Pop-up type
Shape Square type
Panel size 120*120mm
Steel box size 100*100*55mm
Box material / thickness Ga steel /1.2mm
Cutout size 105*105mm
Bracket material Zinc alloy / Al.alloy
Gasket IP40
Assembling module 120 Type / 118 Type / 45 Type (Click to view)
Module capacity 3 modules
Certificate CE, ISO9000,CCC
OEM Yes, MOQ 1000pcs

Part Number Panel Material Open Type 
HGD-2FH/CC2-S Brass alloy Slow Pop-up Type
HGD-2FH/AC2-S Aluminum alloy Slow Pop-up Type
HGD-2FH/ZC2-S Zinc alloy  Slow Pop-up Type
HGD-2FH/CC2-F Brass alloy Fast Pop-up Type
HGD-2FH/AC2-F Aluminum alloy Fast Pop-up Type
HGD-2FH/ZC2-F Zinc alloy  Fast Pop-up Type

1.  This particular model has a further refinement upon HGD-2F,it's earier to change functional parts;
2. When do not needed, can be stored flush with the floor to offer no troublesome hindrance.
3. Rubber seal keeps out water and floor wax.
4. Dust & Water protected gasket (IP40).
5. Supplied with flush metal square box with raised & adjustable adapter.
6. Suits modules: Power sockets, TV, Telephone, Computer & other mechanisms.
Note: The functional part is combined randomly.

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